Body Jet Liposuction

Why Body Jet Liposuction?  

As time goes by, the skin becomes loose and less elastic. It happens because the amount of new collagen production falls with the passage of time. The results of the treatment are different for the different people.

It is neither cheap nor an expensive treatment and it becomes affordable if you grab the promotional offer. If you want to split the cost of the procedure into small and easy monthly installments, you can ask us for the treatment financing.


Benefits of Jet Liposuction

The body jet liposuction is an invasive and surgical treatment that can deliver some great aesthetic and contouring results to the human body. Mentioned below are some notable benefits of the procedure;

  • Body Contouring: It can reshape the body.
  • Less Downtime: The downtime is not much.
  • Excess Fat Removal: It can remove the excess fat.
  • Improved Confidence: It can boost your confidence level.
  • Natural Looking Results: It can give the body natural-looking results.
  • Safe and Effective: It is a secure procedure that delivers obvious results.


Are You a Candidate?

You might be a good candidate for the procedure if you fulfill the following criteria;

  • You are not obese and overweight.
  • Your body contains stubborn fat deposits.
  • You want to enhance the appearance of the body.
  • You have realistic expectations with the procedure.


How is it Performed?

The treatment procedure is easy to understand. In this part, let’s discuss the working mechanism of body jet treatment. We can split the whole procedure into the following steps;

Step 1: The treatment site will be marked after cleaning it to remove dirt and germs if any.

Step 2: The local anesthesia will be administered to put a particular body area to sleep to avoid discomfort and pain.

Step 3: The surgeon will make an incision to insert an especially designed cannula into the skin following by the injection of the saline water to melt down the stubborn fat.

Step 4: The unwanted fat cells will be sucked through the suction attached to the cannula.

Step 5: The surgeon will check the treatment results and stitch the treatment site if satisfied with the shape.


Pre-Procedure Care  

Like all other major procedures, the candidate must follow some pre-treatment guidelines. Let’s discuss these guidelines below;

  • Stop taking blood-thinners, aspirin, cigarettes, and alcoholic drinks.
  • Drink plenty of water, adopt a healthy lifestyle, and take healthy food.


Post-Procedure Care  

The candidate must follow some post-treatment instructions like all other major procedures. Let’s discuss these instructions below;

  • Take prescribed medicines and avoid other conflicting medicines.
  • Take proper rest, avoid exercises, and do not indulge in strenuous activities.


Free Consultation  

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Consultation Free Call: +971 4 348 5575