1What is the cost of liposuction?
Cost of liposuction depends on the type of treatment a person is opting plus the area of surgery. It is not fixed but to get a rough estimated budget of your liposuction surgery, it may charge up to $2000 to $4000 per treatment session.
2Am I a good candidate for liposuction?
This is the most important question you should ask to your surgeon. Ask him that how liposuction surgery is best for you and how it would be performed on your body area. You can get this answer by looking for other patients’ reviews that are just like you in their body psychic and shape.
3What should I expect after liposuction?
After undergoing liposuction treatment, you must have a right to check out for the results you wished for. As the real purpose of liposuction is to get rid of extra pockets of fat so, you must observe if the required job is done or not.
4Which liposuction technique is better for me?
Liposuction type and technique is suited to you according to the type of fatty tissues plus the area of treatment. For large and fattier areas, tumescent liposuction is used. And to avoid various risks, laser liposuction for women in Dubai is taking up the place.
5How long my liposuction surgery will take?
The liposuction surgery process takes up to two to three hours per session. But that non surgical liposuction treatment would take less time as compared to local liposuction.
6What are the risks associated with liposuction?
There is a long list of risks and complications associated with liposuction surgery including anesthesia risk, swelling and bruising, scars formation and bacterial infections. These risks can be avoided by taking proper care.
7What would be the recovery period of my liposuction surgery?
Recovery after liposuction surgery will takes up to 2 weeks almost. The recovery time also depends up on the way of treatment and then post surgery care. Complete recovery will occur after almost two months.
8Are my liposuction surgeon is enough capable or not?
An important concern is to search for the skillful and experienced surgeon as it is sensitive process. Ask your surgeon about his different experiences related to liposuction surgery and prepare yourself accordingly.
9What should I need to do before the surgery?
Before the liposuction surgery, you must follow the prescription of your surgeon. You also need to avoid drugs and supplements for better results and recovery after that. Take extra care of yourself before and after the surgery.
10Can I use non-invasive treatment instead of local liposuction?
Yes! Non invasive liposuction can be taken but it depends on your body area which needs to be operated. Plus there are various other factors that are considered while choosing between invasive and non-invasive liposuction for women in Dubai.
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Consultation Free Call: +971 4 348 5575