Few Major Questions you must know about liposuction

Few Major Questions your must know about liposuction

How liposuction works?

Liposuction in Dubai together with laser liposuction surgery is a latest technology developed to undergo the fat removal process. The risks and complications associated with the surgical liposuction have cut off the way of non surgical liposuction technique.

This invasive process functions with the help of laser technology and a long list of other science techniques including radio frequency (RF waves) , ultrasound rays, and another process which works by using electromagnetic waves. It has also reduced the concept the injections and incisions as it works with the help of laser energy. No surgery is required in this new technology as from the name; it removes fat from the body by penetrating rays. The rays which led to the area of treatment, makes the area loose thus by removing the extra pockets of fat with the help of a suction pump attached with machine. Non-surgical liposuction process, therefore, is far better from the surgical liposuction as it has enlisted a wide range of beneficial aspects


Important questions about liposuction surgery:


How many times do I need it?

Number of liposuction surgery sessions depends on the patient’s health situation. If someone has large amount of fat deposits and the incisions are considerably large then almost 3 to 4 sessions are required for it. But if less fatty tissues are present then a single session of liposuction is enough. Liposuction surgery also depends on the patient’s body type and most importantly his age. Mostly aged men and women are more likely to develop the fat cells which then be removed with almost twice the liposuction in Dubai.

What Kind of Results is produced?

Liposuction treatment will give the best results in terms of fat removal and body contour. In addition to removal of extra fat cells, liposuction is considered to be effective to give the perfect body shape. Results of liposuction Dubai are widely known for giving the desired symmetry as well as blessing the patient with the sense of self confidence.

Is the surgery painful?

Liposuction surgery can be painful but it depends on the kind of liposuction technique being used. If non invasive liposuction like laser liposuction has been done then it is less likely to cause pain. But if general surgery is being done then small incisions are required which would be painful to some extent. Also it would affect the wound and its healing procedure.

How Quickly Will I See Results?

As the recovery time of laser liposuction is very less, so the liposuction in Dubai can be seen within a week after the first session of surgery. After the complete rest and appropriate care, patient would get the desire and final result after two to three weeks.

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