Hips Liposuction for Women

Why Hips Liposuction?  

The weight loss and the fat removal experts describe that losing fat from the hips area is not easy. The waist and the hips are the areas where stubborn fat exists. Some people manage to remove such fats using ordinary fat melting and fat removal methods.

For those women who tried all traditional fat removal methods but to no gain, doctors suggest liposuction treatment. The stubborn fat from the waist and hips area can easily be removed with the Hips Liposuction Procedure. We will discuss Liposuction for Hips in this topic.

 Benefits of Hips Liposuction

Hips Liposuction is an advanced procedure where the unwanted fat is removed carefully.It has some side effects and downtime. It;

  • Removes Excess Fat
  • Shapes Up the Body
  • Improves Self-Confident
  • Provides Instant Results
  • Makes Hips Proportional to the Body

Are You a Candidate?

Only a qualified and experienced surgeon will inform the patient what is required. For most of the women, the pre-requisites may include but not limited to the following;

  • The patient is more than 18.
  • The patient knows the side effects.
  • The patient’s expectations are realistic.
  • The patient is not pregnant or lactating.
  • The patient has firm, elastic, and healthy skin.
  • The patient has good mental and physical health.

How is it Performed?

The procedure is not complicated. It is not a long procedure. In general, the following steps make up the Hips Liposuction;

Step 1: The treatment area will be cleaned before the treatment.

Step 2: Local or general anesthesia will be administered by the surgeon.

Step 3: The surgeon will inspect the distribution of fats and mark the areas.

Step 4: The surgeon will make incisions as per the requirements and results.

Step 5: The surgeon will remove the unwanted fat carefully and finishes the procedure.

Step 6: The surgeon will observe the results and will stitch the incisions with dissolvable sutures.

Pre-Procedure Care  

The Liposuction for Hips needs some pre-operation care. So the guidelines your surgeon will provide with may include the following;

  • Us the medicines prescribed by the doctor.
  • Sleep enough the night before the treatment.
  • Discontinue the use of alcohol and cigarettes.
  • Discontinue the use of blood-thinning medicines.
  • Discontinue the medicine as per the doctor’s opinion.

Post-Procedure Care  

The patient will have to follow the post-operation instructions after the Liposuction for Hips. Such important points often include the following;

  • Avoid unnecessary touching the treatment area.
  • Completely avoid strenuous activities and workouts.
  • Must take the medicines prescribed by the surgeon.
  • Regularly wear the special dress provided by the doctor.
  • Contact the surgeon if you observe any unusual thing in the treatment areas.

Free Consultation  

If you are not able to lose the hips area fat, we invite you for a free online consultation where we will explain how Hips Liposuction will remove the unwanted fat. Get now our promotional discount offer for the seasons. To know more about Abdomen Liposuction, feel free to contact us by filling the short online form.

Consultation Free Call: +971 4 348 5575

Consultation Free Call: +971 4 348 5575