The neck and chin are one of those areas that define the way you look. The liposuction for neck is a good option for reshaping the neck area. The liposuction for chin is what you need to get the right chin shape. The liposuction for women always delivers desired results. Please also read the liposuction for arms to dig deeper.

You may expect the following results and benefits from it;
• There is some downtime and side effects.
• It delivers promising and long-lasting results.
• The neck and chin area will become well-contoured.
• The side effects of the treatment will subside very soon.

You are a good candidate for the neck and chin liposuction if;
• Your health is fine.
• You are not obese.
• You are not a smoker.
• You know the risks and benefits.
• You are neither lactating nor pregnant.
• Exercise and dieting did not remove the fat.
• You do not have any disease that can stop the healing process.

Mentioned below are the steps involved in chin and neck liposuction;
• Local or general anesthesia is administered.
• Small incisions will be made by the surgeon.
• To reduce the risk of bleeding and trauma, diluted anesthesia will be injected.
• The cannula will now be inserted through the incision to suck the fat deposits inside.
• The incision will be stitches after making sure the excess fat has been removed.

The pre-procedure instructions from the doctor may include the following;
• Main a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy food.
• Get lab tests done in recommended by the surgeon.
• Regularly take the medication prescribed by the surgeon.
• Share your medical history with the surgeon to avoid possible risks.
• Stop smoking and alcohol because they can slow down the healing process.

The post-procedure instructions from your doctor may include
• Use the prescribed on a regular basis.
• Do not indulge in strenuous activities.
• Keep the treatment area clean and safe.
• Use the garment prescribed by the doctor.
• Contact your doctor if something abnormal happens.

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Consultation Free Call: +971 4 348 5575