Get To Know About Flat Stomach Surgery Cost Factors

What Is Stomach Liposuction?

Best type of Liposuction for stomach is tumescent Liposuction. This surgery is same as the normal Liposuction but it is considered to be the best process of removing fat from the body as it is typically used for large amount of fats. Stomach, belly and lower abdomen are the areas where considerably high deposits of fats are present so therefore, this type of surgery would be suitable for stomach. The type of stomach Liposuction varies in terms of flat stomach surgery cost as well. It is also considered to be the safest process as it is kind of same as local Liposuction thus involving low risk factor.

How Tumescent Liposuction For Stomach Is Performed?

Tumescent Liposuction works by injected saline water into the fatty cells and areas in typically large quantity. For this, your surgeon needs to be well expert. He would make small incicions beneath the skin and then inject this salt water into those cuts with the help of a tube typically known as cannula. This cannula is then connected to the suction pump. As the fatty tissues become mild by injecting saline fluid so it would then be easy for the surgeon to remove them. Cannula would be move back and forth thereby taking out the extra fats from the body through the vacuum tube.

Recovery process of tumescent surgery is almost 6 to 12 weeks but results will start appearing after two weeks. Pain and scarring is normal as in the case of other surgeries.

What Are The Cost Factors For Flat Stomach Surgery?

Cost is an important factor in anything, whether it’s a product or a treatment. As Liposuction surgery for flat stomach and tummy is growing with the needs of people rapidly, so cost also vary from person to person and area wise as well. Generally, this process cost more or less, on the average 10,000 AED to 15,000 AED per treatment session. But actually, taking into account the cost of surgical treatments, there are number of factors that should also be considered for flat stomach surgery cost.

  • The Treatment Body Area: Cost depends on the area which has to be treated, if it’s a comparatively large area, and then automatically it will cost more.
  • Multiple Treatment Area: If a person wants to reduce fats from more than one part of your body, including stomach, lower abdomen and love handles, then the Liposuction cost must be taken into account ,especially for will be doubled accordingly.
  • Body Texture: If a person is much over weighted and has a large amount of fat to be removed then, the treatment cost will be increased.
  • Procedural Treatments: Cost may also depend upon the type of procedure a person selects. If a patient would go for laser Liposuction, then its cost would be higher than typical surgery.

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