Liposuction Cost in Dubai

Liposuction is the best procedure for the removal of extra stubborn fat. Its trend has been extending rapidly over the globe and around fifty thousand people are taking this liposuction surgery treatment yearly.

Although, diet and exercise can give you a slimmer look but still it doesn’t work to reduce your weight and extra fatty tissues form your body parts. For that purpose, you need to have this surgery treatment. As we continue to take fats in our diet and our weight keeps on increasing, despite all the exercise and dieting, women deposit fats frequently on different parts of their body including the lower abdomen, back, thighs and hips. Another important factor is liposuction cost in Dubai which depends on the type of procedure.

Liposuction surgical process deals with the removal of excessive fats and weight from the body. This process may use separately or in combination with other procedures.

Liposuction cost in Dubai

Kinds of liposuction:

There are two main kinds of liposuction surgery which works in different modules for the same cause.

Lip sculpture:

This is the first kind of this surgery treatment, designed for sculpting a person who lies in the normal category of weight. Such people have distinct areas accumulated with fats at some point making your body asymmetric.  This surgery is performed by giving the patient general mild anesthesia and this sedation is just for 2 to 3 hours. Through this surgery technique, a person can lose the minimum of 3 to 4 pounds of weight.

Most importantly, this treatment helps the patient to recover as early as possible. As this treatment is considered a challenge for the surgeon as it requires immediate results. As patient expects to get the perfect result as desired at the time so, it sometimes proves to be a cause of depression if required results are not achieved. Revised surgery process may take place after few months to reduce more fats if required depending on every session’s liposuction cost in Dubai.

Bulking liposuction surgery:

Now if the person if much overweighted and he ends up doing exercise and diet in vain, then surgery is the last option for such people. The basic aim of bulking liposuction surgery treatment is to give the proper shape to the body of an overweighed person. How this surgery is another question. For this, anesthesia is injected into the spinal nerve. After that, to do this surgery treatment, various other fluids are injected in the area of operation, which helps to slow down the bleeding and avoid surgery pain as well. With the help of this technique, almost 5 to 8 pounds of weight may reduce.

Factors for Determining Liposuction Costs

  • The patient’s size and weight
  • The area of the body being treated. (single or multiple)
  • The estimated amount of fat to be removed.
  • The time required for the procedure.
  • The degree of difficulty of the surgery.
  • The surgeon’s experience.
  • Additional Services required. (anesthesiologist, operating room fees, pre-operative laboratory fees, post-surgical compression garments)

Liposuction in Dubai is an all-inclusive surgical facility, which means you will pay a total lump sum charge for the procedures you have elected to have. This may change if a series of procedures are required to complete your treatment, and a separate sum will be charged for each treatment in the series. Total body makeover Liposuction is not performed in one surgical session.

Cost of liposuction:

Cost is an important factor in anything, whether it’s a product or a treatment. As liposuction surgery is growing with the needs of people rapidly, so cost also vary from person to person and area wise as well. Generally, this process cost more or less, on the average 10,000 AED to 15,000 AED per treatment session. But actually, taking into account the cost of surgical treatments, there is the number of factors that should also be considered for liposuction cost in Dubai.

  • The treatment Body area: Cost depends on the area which has to be treated if it’s a comparatively large area, and then automatically it will cost more.
  • Multiple treatment area: If a person wants to reduce fats from more than one part of your body, then the liposuction Dubai cost especially will be doubled accordingly.
  • Body Texture: If a person is much overweighted and has a large amount of fat to be removed then, the treatment cost will be increased.
  • Procedural treatments: Cost may also depend upon the type of procedure a person selects. If a patient would go for laser liposuction, then its cost would be higher than typical surgery.

Situations that can Increase Costs

It is essential to be aware that many factors may influence costs once a procedure is begun, including complications and additional drugs that may be needed.

The heavier the patient’s weight, the more expensive an abdominal Liposuction will be.

When a patient has previously had Liposuction in the same area, the cost will be more, because the difficulty increases. Even fat retains scar tissue that is harder to remove than the original fat cells.

Alternatively, the cost of related procedures performed in one session can sometimes be less costly than having separate procedures.

If you elect to have the autologous fat transfer for facial wrinkles or lip augmentation, you may expect to incur additional charges associated with the preparation of the fat for transfer, and the additional injection procedures.

Consultation and Estimate

When you have your physician consultation, and your treatment plan is developed, the cost of your procedures will be determined. You will receive a written estimate, detailing the individual costs.

At Liposuction in Dubai, It is wise to be aware that medical insurance will not cover Liposuction procedures, as it is considered to be a luxury item, rather than a necessity. There are some financial institutions that will finance such procedures, and credit card payment is generally accepted.

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Consultation Free Call: +971 4 348 5575