Pros And Cons Of Non Surgical Liposuction Dubai

Non Surgical Liposuction Dubai

What Is Non Surgical Liposuction?

Non surgical or minimal invasive liposuction surgery has another name of laser treatment which has so many types depending on the frequency and technology of laser light, known as Non surgical liposuction Dubai. It is obvious that this treatment does not include incisions and cuts and have comparatively low risk factor. It basically works with the help of laser light and through its high intensity; fatty tissues can be easily melt away and drained out with the help of suction pump.

Following are some of the advantages and disadvantageous of non surgical liposuction process.


Pros Of Non-Surgical Liposuction:

  • Smaller Canola:

In non surgical Liposuction for Men and Women both, typically smaller canola is being used as its only purpose is to remove the fats that have already been melted away through laser light. This small size canola is therefore less painful and less risky to cause infections

  • Without Incisions And Cuts

As it is done with the help of laser light so it proves to be very useful giving incision free surgery treatment. Liposuction surgery has its original method of surgery that involves cuts but non surgical liposuction therefore gives relief from typical surgical treatments.

  • Localized Anesthesia

As this is non invasive in nature, so there is no need for specialized anesthesia which can make patient numb and unconscious in certain cases. Local mild anesthesia is enough for this non surgical treatment.

  • Minimal Scarring

Risk of scars formation may also lower down by using non surgical liposuction method as incisions and cuts are not involved in this so there is no other way of scars and stretch marks after the surgery.

  • Less Recovery Time

Non-surgical liposuction has a biggest advantage of less down time. It would take less time for treatment as well as very less recovery time with best results.


Cons Of Non-Surgical Liposuction:

  • Expensive Method:

Laser liposuction or non surgical liposuction is somewhat expensive method as all the expenditures included in this treatment is related to the frequency and intensity of laser light with new innovative technologies. As multiple sessions of laser liposuction is needed to show the final results so overall cost of this procedure automatically doubles up.

  • Uneven And Inaccurate Results Most Often:

In most if the cases, it happens that after undergoing non surgical liposuction results appear are not appropriate and symmetric. As it is a laser process, so it is not obvious to get the even results. And if it is not done accurately then there is clear chance of uneven outcomes.

  • Require More Than One Session:

One single session of non surgical Liposuction for Women is not enough for the complete outcomes, so this is one of the disadvantages of this method that it needs to be done several times which takes both the money and the time.


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