Realtime Modelling with Crisalix

Create your expected results before the surgery with crisalix


Crisalix is 3D and 4D software that deals with cosmetic surgery to show the desired results that would be achieved after undergoing the surgery. It is useful for patients before the surgery as they can see the results before even getting it.

What is crisalix?

With the innovations in science, new software has been designed that is related to the domain of cosmetic and plastic surgery. It has very beneficial impacts that people are being blessed with. Crisalix works for the usefulness of people and show them their future look. When someone is worried about his or her looks that his decision of surgery is right or not then, crisalix liposuction results solves their problem. This software uses 3D imaging technique that takes the pictures of the body parts where surgery is required and fed it into software, the next appearing image would be of your final results after the surgery. This technique has solved all the difficulties of surgeons as well as patients who seek to have liposuction surgery. Furthermore crisalix is optimized software and these results totally depend on the person’s situation and its body structure too.

How you would create your expected results with crisalix?

As explained earlier, crisalix software would be good for you if you are planning for the surgery in future. With the help of 3D glasses set you would be able to see every minute details linked with your body part. This innovative software website will show you the before and after of your body shape, what kind of changes will occur, how would your skin makes up to and what will be your overall look. After getting all of this information, your surgeon will guide you accordingly to plan your surgery and that the type of surgery treatment you need for yourself as well.

How this technique is useful for you?

Crisalix is simple software and owns 3D glasses which are the part of this system. Patient’s body part is being scanned with simple 3D scanner or being photographer simply and then led to scanner so that complete and clear image is available. This image is then fed into the software by giving all the details of patient’s health and skin and this crisalix liposuction results will provide you with the complete and clear look of you after the surgery. This technique has gaining importance as it gives an early approach to both surgeon and patient. They both can now figure out the detailed analysis on the results of 3D and 4D imaging that what needs to done for the improvement in results. This will give the complete look of patient after the surgery and if you compare these results with your present situation then you will be better decide that what needs to be change, what are the flaws in surgery, what is good in it and all the related stuff. In this way, crisalix liposuction result software is advantageous to make the decision before the surgery treatment.

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