What Is Coolsculpting And How Does It Work?

What Is Coolsculpting

What Is Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting is a kind of non surgical treatment that proves to be very non invasive as it does not include incisions and cuts in the skin and work through cooling effect. Specified equipment is used for this process to eliminate the fat cells by cooling them properly. It works as a cooling agent and the fatty tissues inside the skin would be cooled up to certain limit and then they would form crystals which would be then easy to remove. Those who are worried because of their stubborn fats and wanted to get rid of them by using non surgical treatment then coolsculpting would be the best solution for them. As an alternative to Liposuction in Dubai, cool sculpting works for those who fear from having scarring and swelling effect. Both men and women are considered to be the best candidate for it. This minimal treatment not only eliminates the fat cells but it is also good for shaping and sculpting the body.


How Coolsculpting Works?

Coolsculpting works by using specialized equipment that works for cooling the fat cells. As cooling the fatty tissue would make them crystallized and then these precipitates would be easy to remove from the body. No specific drainage method is required to eliminate these cooled crystals as natural method for elimination is being used to take out these fatty cells in the form of crystals. The results of this method would be permanent as the elimination of fat is through natural execration process and the fatty cells are less likely to come back.

When the procedure begins, patient would at once feel extreme cold and that specific area may get numb even after few minutes of procedure. Patient would feel suction effect as the fatty cells are becoming cold crystals. Experienced and skillful surgeons are needed to undergo this procedure. Advantage of this treatment process is that it uses specialized equipment which has low risk factor and they are less likely to cause side effects. When the cooling procedure will go out of limit the machine would automatically turn off to save the patient from any kind of complications.


What Are The Expected Results Of Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting is gaining importance in almost every part of world. It can be used to treat almost all parts of body and due to its non invasive nature; it is less likely to cause side effects. The ultimate goal of this treatment is to eliminate the body fats so after the procedure, patient would not only get rid of extra fatty cells but also provides perfect Body Contour and Reshaping by removing the fat bulges.

The outcome of this procedure would be long lasting as it all depends on the natural technique to remove the fatty cells. Moreover, the results would be shown after 2 to 4 weeks of this treatment and after 2 complete months, patient would clearly observe the final results.


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