What Is I-Lipo Treatment And How Does It Work?

I-Lipo Treatment

What Is I-Lipo Treatment?

I-lipo treatment is specifically being used as an alternative to surgical Liposuction in Dubai. It is highly innovative technology and it can be used by anyone. I-lipo uses low effects laser light technology for removing the fatty cells from almost every part of body. One of the biggest advantage of i-lipo is that it is not painful like an ordinary liposuction process which uses surgical procedure which includes incisions and cuts.  It is also a needle less process and only operates through laser light. The best candidates for i-lipo are those males and females who fear from commonly used surgical procedures and their side effects and therefore they go for i-lipo non-surgical treatment. With so many benefits of i-lipo treatment, one of the major advantages is that it has low risk factor and is more likely to give perfect results with body shaping and contouring.


How It Works?

I-lipo works by using laser liposuction in Dubai which has laser light of low intensity and it only gives signal to fatty cells inside the body for chemical reaction. This chemical reaction inside the body would break down the fatty cells specifically triglycerides to melt inside the skin and reach the cell membrane. Then through proper metabolism, these fatty lipids would be drained out of the body.  I-lipo is also very useful as it do not leave any side effect on the surrounding tissues and nerves.

Expert surgeon is required to undergo this treatment and initially it starts by inserting the low level of laser light onto the fat cells and then the tissues would be destroyed and melted away to be easily removed from the body. Also it is helpful for body contour and reshaping.


What Is The Expected Outcome Of I-Liposuction?

Everyone, who is the candidate of i-lipo demands for best results in limited period of time. According to this non surgical treatment, the expected result is the complete fat reduction with curvy body look. It has been observed that after one single session of i-lipo, almost 30 percent of the fatty cells layer can be melt away and through some next sessions, more accurate results would be obtained.

As the tissues and cells that are melted and drained away happens with the body metabolism process which is quite fast so it has been seen that after undergoing this i-lipo treatment, immediate results would be seen. As the melted fats would be excreted out through natural process so that’s why the outcome would be efficient and effective as well.


What Are The Benefits Of I-Lipo Treatment?

An important consideration is that what makes i-lipo treatment such an innovative and highly useful process and an alternative to liposuction for women. Here are some of the benefits of i-lipo:

  • Less painful
  • Non invasive in nature
  • Cost effective
  • Gives permanent results
  • Less risky and considerably safest procedure


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