What Is Recovery Period Of Liposuction Like? Dos and Don’ts

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What is Liposuction?

With the innovations in science, specifically in the field of cosmetic surgery, liposuction is the most popular one these days. Laser liposuction is a type of liposuction surgery commonly used in Middle East especially in Dubai. Other types of liposuction surgery include water- assisted liposuction surgery also called as body jet and ultrasound assisted liposuction surgical procedure.

As widely known, laser is a procedure that works with light intensity. Same is the case with Liposuction for men in Dubai; it uses light rays to function. This surgery works by getting the patient on surgery bed, minute anesthesia or sedation anesthesia based medications should injected depending upon the person health and the amount of fat that has to remove through liposuction. Treatment through laser simply works by warming up the extra fat, making it soft and mild and then removed it through liposuction.


Recovery Period of Liposuction:

Recovery after Laser Liposuction for men in Dubai will take up to 2 to 3 weeks but it all depends on the type of surgery which has been undergone. As to speed up the recovery after liposuction treatment, you have to do some important steps and also have to avoid many things. Recovery is considered to be an essential procedure as it has to decide what are the results of liposuction be like and what are the things we need to do before and after the surgery to make it as easy as possible.

Complete recovery will take almost 6 months to a year but there are few types of liposuction surgery, mainly non invasive liposuction surgery which usually takes less than a month and show immediate results. So, all the aspects of recovery is dependent on the type and procedure of liposuction surgery.

Before The Surgery:

  • Search for the best surgeon
  • Choose the best possible surgery technique
  • Take the medicines prescribed by the surgeon before the surgery
  • Avoid taking drugs and supplements
  • Prepare yourself mentally for the surgery
  • Avoid junk foods before the surgery
  • Start taking healthy diet
  • Avoid cigarettes and tobacco
  • Do not stress out yourself

After the Surgery:

  • Avoid sun exposure
  • Use the creams and ointments on the wounded area
  • Use the medicines regularly
  • Drink plenty of water and fresh juices
  • Include fruits and vegetables in your diet
  • Avoid cosmetic usage to prevent from bacterial and fungal infection
  • Do not go for gym and exercise
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes
  • Protect yourself from infections as they will cause severe scarring
  • Walk slowly for about half an hour to refresh your self
  • Take a bed rest and avoiding going on work for few days
  • Observe the post surgery care regularly


For Consultation:

To speed up the recovery procedure after the laser Liposuction for men in Dubai, consult the best surgeons for your liposuction treatment.

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