What Is The Best Surgery To Get Rid Of Double Chin?

Surgery To Get Rid Of Double Chin

Why Double Chin Reduction Surgery Is Used?

Double chin is the problem that is common in both males and females and it can be treated through variety of ways including laser treatments and also through traditional Liposuction surgery. This problem is more common in females as they are more likely to develop the fatty tissues beneath the face around the chin area. Due to unbalanced and unhealthy diet, people go overweight and the specific areas become victim of it. Double chin issue is one of them, and to reduce these fatty cells so many techniques are being used depending upon the patient’s health condition and the nature of fat deposits.


What Are The Types Of Surgeries That Can Be Used For Double Chin?

As cosmetic surgery industry have a wide range of options for Surgery To Get Rid Of Double Chin that are useful as well as helpful for both the genders. Some of the commonly used surgeries are described below:

Laser Liposuction

Laser Liposuction in Dubai is one of the techniques that are common for reducing the fats under the chin. It uses laser light of high intensity to burn the fatty tissues under the chin. After melting these tissues, they would be drained out through suction pump.

Ultra Sound Assisted Liposuction

In this process, ultrasonic waves are being used for destroying the fatty cells. Similar to laser Liposuction For Men, it also uses the same technique but only difference is that of laser waves vs. ultrasonic waves. With fat reduction process, it is also good for skin tightening.


As the name indicates, thermage is a technique that burns away the fatty cells of the body. It uses radio frequency waves to damage the fatty cells inside the body. It is best recommended for double chin reduction as it is also meant for skin tightening.

Kybella Treatment:

This treatment works through injecting the sodium deoxycholic acid inside the double chin tissues. This chemical is known for fat absorbing so this treatment is best suited for reducing the double chin fats with proper face lift.


What Is The Best Type Of Surgery For Double Chin Reduction?

Out of so many methods used for double chin reduction, it depends totally on the patient that which surgical treatment he opt for himself. Both surgical and non surgical treatments are in option related to the patient’s condition. After research, it has been shown that the most appropriate type of surgery for double chin reduction is smart lipo laser Liposuction. Its innovative technology rendered it useful as it has low intensity fiber light which when shed on fatty tissues melt them away. These burned fat cells afterwards, will be drained out using suction technique. Specific type of laser is used in this treatment which has a particular frequency range. With all these specifications, double chin reduction surgery is best to be done with smart lipo laser Liposuction For Women.


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